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For those that desire the utmost in neurological care, we are proud to offer CONCEIRGE BOUTIQUE CARE.

It is important to bear in mind that, irrespective of the particular type of care selected by our patients, we adhere to the STANDARD OF CARE in medicine and practice medicine according to the hippocratic oath. However, a patient that selects CONCEIRGE BOUTIQUE CARE enjoys an enhanced experience and greater accessibility. The highly personalized program of medical care available through the CONCEIRGE BOUTIQUE CARE model provides the treating physician with the control of the patient’s treatment program, not the insurance company.

We appreciate that many patients have inflexible or irregular schedules or unusual needs, and we believe that adapting our services to a patient’s special needs is crucial in order for the patient to maximize the experience. Our CONCEIRGE BOUTIQUE CARE program was specifically designed for patients that prefer or require a more highly personalized consultation and treatment program.

CONCEIRGE PATIENTS are offered additional services and amenities such as:

  • Coordination of medical care with other health providers on dates and times designated by the patient
  • Additional face-time with the doctor during office visits and additional time during telephone consultations
  • Scheduled consultations on days and times that meet the patient’s needs
  • Additional physician follow-ups
  • Telemedicine consultations via HIPPA compliant web based methods – consultations can be conducted in the privacy and comfort of your home or place of work or remote location as dictated by the patient. ** (Medical conditions and/or circumstances may require that a medical consultation occur in our office. If this occurs, the patient will be afforded high priority and flexibility regarding scheduling.)
  • 24 hour/7 day a week access to the doctor and private access via mobile phone

Our office does not bill your insurance company for services provided through the CONCEIRGE BOUTIQUE CARE program. We can, however, assist you with your submission of a claim to your insurance company for certain services and guide you through the reimbursement process. We cannot guarantee that your insurance company will reimburse you for all or a portion of the charges paid to our office. Payments made to our office are nonrefundable.

The fee for the CONCEIRGE BOUTIQUE CARE program is Three thousand dollars ($3,000) per year plus Two hundred dollars ($200) per office visit or Tele consultation, regardless of length of the appointment. Please note that in-office testing and procedures are additional charges.


We are proud to offer Remote High Quality Care with easy use of your personal or work computer, laptop, tablet, or cell phone.  This service involves quicker access for acute and routine visits (where medically appropriate to replace in-office visits), appointment times convenient for you, being able to avoid traveling, as well as the ability to maintain your appointment and obtain the advice you need while away.  This is a more convenient way of continuing to receive your highly comprehensive neurological care.

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